Meet The Advisors

Meet Your Advisors

Your Advisor’s main role is to facilitate your group, allowing everyone to work together and bring their best experiences and insights to the table. Advisors are here to support and coax out the best talent within you, not talk over you.

Your Advisor will bring valuable topics to the table and ask insightful questions. They will help shed light on issues and opportunities, ensuring that they are effectively addressed by the entire group.

Jon Yeatman

Group Advisor Jon Yeatman joined Keystone as its inaugural Advisor in 2022, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience in strategy and business development.

Most recently, prior to joining Keystone, Jon was SVP, Business Development for Vanderbilt Health in Nashville, TN.  

Jon also served as American Group Vice President for Strategy & Innovation with HCA Healthcare. In that capacity, he oversaw strategy and growth for more than 90 hospitals and other sites of care across the United States and the UK.

Before his tenure at HCA, Yeatman was the Chief Strategy Officer for Mission Health System in Asheville, North Carolina.  

Jon also worked in various roles at The University of Pennsylvania Health System, McKinsey & Co, The Advisory Board Co, and Accenture.

Jon earned his MBA at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration in health care management, and his BS with a major in Finance at Georgetown University.  

Jon is an Asheville, NC native and currently lives in South Asheville with his wife, two children, two dogs and one cat.  He is active with his son’s Boy Scout troop, enjoys playing tennis with his daughter and is an avid cook and fly fisherman.


David Billstrom

David Billstrom has a background in Fortune 100 leadership at Intel and Walt Disney, numerous startups, mid-market companies, and family-owned businesses. He has advised, founded, or invested in 50+ companies over four decades.

He has raised debt and equity capital (more than $200m over the years), sold companies, acquired companies, helped employees buy a company, formed numerous boards of directors, built partnerships, and spent years in venture capital.

David has an established executive and entrepreneur coaching practice nationwide, with more than 50 clients over 20 years. Prior to his advisory and investing work, David has plenty of hands-on operational experience: building teams of leaders, launching products, building manufacturing operations from scratch, driving daily marketing and sales, as well as serving as the CMO (chief marketing officer).

He started his career in technology, both hardware and software, and has now worked in the market segments of retail, hospitality and food, construction, apparel, infrastructure development, real estate, and numerous consulting / professional services practices. He is especially passionate about employee ownership, exit strategy planning for business owners, and anyone manufacturing in the U.S.

David loves business strategy and tactics, and as a result is a frequent speaker on a wide variety of business topics. He enjoys moderating, facilitating, and leading workshops. He writes frequently, and is the author of the book Own Your Brand.

A 15-year resident of Black Mountain, he is active in his community with several non-profits, building new trails and land conservancy, and serving in emergency services (David has a parallel career in public safety). He and his wife love travel, new places, exploring the outdoors, endurance sports, and nearly every kind of food.


Your Group Advisor = Your Personal Advisor

When you join Keystone Peer Network, an experienced Advisor not only will guide the structured meeting each month, but is also available to you for a dedicated 1:1 session.

Your monthly 1:1 session is scheduled between you and your Advisor at a mutual time that works for your schedules.

This session is designed to enhance your membership by diving deep into your unique challenges and opportunities you are considering with an expert who has scaled organizations like yours, and helped guide others through similar situations. 

Time every month to focus on your goals

It’s crucial to work on your business, not just in it. Like your Peer CEO group, your 1:1 Advisor session is a value-added time each month to lift yourself out of the weeds and examine where you want to go, with outside wisdom and expertise to make measurable progress. 

This time also provides you with a chance to pre-work how to bring potentially more vulnerable issues or fresh opportunities to the group in a way that will give you the best feedback.  

About Us

How We Started

In July of 2022, a group of visionary business leaders in Western North Carolina recognized the immense value of peer-to-peer advisory as a strategy for their personal and business growth. Driven by their shared passion, they embarked on a mission to create an unparalleled offering that would benefit their entire community of business leaders.

With the goal of establishing a dynamic support structure that would foster engagement and facilitate growth, the group concluded that a professional advisor-led, membership-based peer group was essential. Thus, the Keystone Peer Network was born under the direction and leadership of William Irving. 

The Network’s mission has been clear since the onset: To provide our vibrant community's business leaders with a dedicated support group(s) led by key Advisors to maximize each leader's full potential for business growth and personal fulfillment, both in the workplace and at home. 

As proud members of the Western North Carolina business community, we are excited to be a key part of its thriving business ecosystem.