Membership Overview

Membership at a Glance

Our monthly Group Meetings form the cornerstone of our peer advisory experience. These meetings provide a structured environment where members connect, share updates, discuss current topics, and delve into processing both challenges and opportunities.

Membership in a Keystone Peer Network group is by invitation only. Active participation is a must, as the fundamental dynamic is sharing between peers – not talking at you. To maintain an optimal group dynamic, we limit the total number of members to 16 per group, small enough to become ‘family’ – essential to a collaborative environment..

Each Keystone peer group meets in-person, on a designated day of the month throughout the year to help maintain consistency for your schedule. Each Group Meeting includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

During the meetings, your group Advisor facilitates discussions on pertinent topics in a structured agenda. 

Membership Details

In addition to monthly meetings, you'll benefit from subject matter experts who speak to the group, take questions, and provide outside perspectives on important topics relevant to us all. Speakers join the Group Meeting at least once a quarter.

Once a group is fully formed, new members will only be added at designated points of the year and will be fully vetted for both potential industry conflict and overall fit – with ample time provided to make sure the group is right.

We select members from diverse industry backgrounds because we've found that while industry-specific issues are significant, a considerable portion of business challenges are attributed to factors that are not industry-specific and common to running a business in general of similar size and scope within the same state and region.

There is no contractual obligation to stay.

While membership requires a level of commitment to your group, if you are not getting the value you need from Keystone, we provide an easy path to exit the group. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly peer advisory Group Meeting with Peer CEOs
  • Monthly 1:1 session with your experienced Advisor
  • Quarterly outside expert presentations
  • Insights, knowledge, and support
  • Professional and personal development, optimized for your time
  • Career-long and life-long connections 

Quarterly goal reviews also play a crucial role in our peer advisory process. During dedicated sessions, we reflect on our progress and discuss strategies for achieving our business and personal goals. Each year, we allocate a proactive quarterly review to help members develop comprehensive goals for the upcoming year. 

Are you a good fit?

Keystone is an invitation-only peer advisory experience, and groups are limited in size to 16. We invite you to reach out if… 

  • You are a C-suite executive, the ranking decision-maker in your organization – all genders and ages are welcome
  • Your organization is a for-profit business, government agency, or non-profit
  • You are open to thoughtful critique and feedback from peers who are invested in your success – and you are ready to contribute with input and sharing your experiences
  • You know that this is not a board of directors, but peers who can help hold you accountable to doing the things you need to do in order to be successful
  • You can commit to join your Peer CEOs once a month

Studies show that women and people of color apply to 20% fewer opportunities. We encourage everyone who meets the professional criteria above to join us. 

Contact us

After submitting your interest form, one of our founding team members will be in touch to discuss details. 

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